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There is a famous saying “when times get tough the tough get going” a phrase used to describe strong workers who will work harder to overcome any challenge that presents itself. However, sometimes unforeseen circumstances can become a forceful majeure and lead to extended periods of hardship on individuals no matter how hardworking they may be.

Over the years, numerous individuals and families have suffered at the hands of unexpected situations here in Australia. From drought to fires and flooding to famine a large number of the community have been left to pick up, and put back together the pieces of their lifestyles. These situations come unexpected, unannounced and are forever evolving into new scenarios because just like life is itself, they are unpredictable.

It is in these times of adversity that a community and country as a whole can show its true strength. Where a number of like-minded individuals are able to come together and support one another in a united effort. The #careforthemasses project aims to help support those in need at times of hardship and nation-wide crisis.

The #careforthemasses platform enables a direct link for sponsorship provided by individuals, brands, companies and organisations to provide assistance to those in need.

It allows a direct pathway of support to communities and individuals less fortunate, enabling them to overcome any misfortune as quickly as possible. 


“Here to help”

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