DONESAFE and #careforthemasses show support to NSW frontline workers

Over the past 12 months, Australia has suffered at the hands of numerous unforeseen circumstances. However, during these times also we have seen some of our strongest mateship shine through! On Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 the #careforthemasses team had the pleasure of partnering with OH & S workplace safety software company DONESAFE to deliver a well deserved thank you to hundreds of our Sydney front-line healthcare workers.

Bespoke Boulevard and Eat Drink Collective catering services are normally utilised for numerous festivals and events that run throughout Australia. However, after the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, we decided now was the perfect time to repurpose our facilities and provide support to our fellow Australians through our #careforthemasses initiatives.

Together with the sponsorship support of Donesafe we were able to deliver 200 hundred healthy, ready-to-eat meals to front-line medical staff at St Vincents Hospital. These staff members have been serving around the clock in some of the hospitals busiest areas.

As one of #careforthemasses first campaigns, the day symbolised the exciting start of the new Bespoke Boulevard community initiative. It also became increasingly evident that even in these unprecedented times, the true ethos of companies can shine through. As a workplace health and safety management software, it is obvious that Donesafe not only cares about the health and safety of employees through their software but is willing to go above and beyond for employees within the community.

So, what exactly is DONESAFE?

Donesafe was founded in 2014, after co-founders Matthew Browne and Matthew Knee, hit a brick wall. Both were successful business owners looking for a better way to manage the health and safety of their staff. Together the duo created Donesafe; a cloud-based workplace health, safety, quality, and environmental software solution designed to make every workplace a safer and more fulfilling place. If a hazard or a risk that may lead to worker injury or illness is identified, Donesafe is available on any device to capture this information and instantly alert management while also initiating actions to solve those issues. What sets Donesafe out from the competition is it focuses on enabling participation from all workers to actually use the system and capture information. By encouraging a culture where safety is discussed and kept top of mind throughout an organization is at Donsafeโ€™s core


Sadly, unfortunate events are occurring all of the time and majority of these are beyond our control. Through the #careforthemasses campaigns it is our aim to continue partnering with other like minded individuals and path a way of support wherever it is needed. The #careforthemasses campaigns are a testament to our true Australian spirit, because a united society is a community that cares. If you would like to be involved in one of our #careforthemasses campaigns please reach out to one of our friendly team members on or 02 80767 688