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Society as of late has become a scary, unknown and chaotic world with an unforeseeable future. What once was an issue on the edge of Australia’s consciousness has now become a global crisis shell-shocking the nation.

Unemployment rates continue to skyrocket after the severe social restrictions that were implemented by the federal government in an effort to flatten the infection growth curve. Still with no known vaccine, the Covid-19 viral pandemic continues to wreak havoc globally.

The Australian community is already seeing ramifications of Covid-19 on the economy as businesses are forces to shut their doors and walk away from their livelihood. Unemployment rates alone are projected to reach double digit percentages by the middle of the year, not to mention flow-on effects that will evolve post pandemic.

With massive uncertainty surrounding the pandemic length, families and individuals alike are becoming increasingly concerned with how they will continue to support their families and their current lifestyles.

The Supplies For The Masses campaign is designed to provide support and #careforthemasses hampers to families and individuals currently struggling financially, and who have been put out of place due to this pandemic. Our hampers consist of daily essentials including fresh produce, non-perishables goods and/or critical supplies like masks and sanitisers. Our aim is to give those in need one less thing to worry about during this global crisis, because every little bit helps.

As #careforthemasses first campaign we are looking to bring together brands, companies and organisations who are able, to help us provide assistance to those in need.

Please contact us for how to get involved.





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